First there was UNIX, circa 1972

Then the Timeline Split
In 1977, for $90, Bob Fabry and others, compiled/built the 
first versions of BSD, short for Berkeley Systems Distribution.

In 1991, Linus Torvalds posted in a Newsgroup, about software he
used from Richard Stallman, who started GNU in 1983, 
and Linus'es UNIX was born.

Apple reacquired NeXT Software in 1996, after Steve Jobs was
fired from Apple in 1984, and used the software and people there 
to build OS X. OS X is the Darwin OS + the NeXT Desktop Environment. 
And now we're back to Bullet #1, as Darwin is a closed source 
fork of BSD. For the Open Source Project, see PureDarwin. 
For the Official Apple Developer Page, see Apple Open Source.


possible or impossible

Firt, Run vm;

Second, Run vm;

Last, Run vm;

If you don't like install VisualBox or Vmware,there is a simple way to do.
brew install linux-noah/noah/noah


chmod a+x linuxfileName
noah linuxfileName 

if you cancel download linux, you can remove /Users/test/.noah 
directory.Then, you can retry command noah to download linux.


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